The High Tech Handyman (just like nearly everyone else these days) has a presence on Facebook. It is a great place to keep in touch with customers both new and old.

If you are looking for help, support, information, or advice, and prefer contacting us through Facebook, we are more than happy to communicate with you there. Please note that we are physically Located in Lansing, Michigan with an approximately 25 mile service radius.


If we have helped you in the past, please stay in touch – we genuinely appreciate the business. “Liking” our page will give you access to important news about technology that effects your every day life. We promise it does NOT mean your news feed will be filled up with spam. Occasionally we may have money saving offers that you can share with friends.

Part of being a responsible ‘online citizen’ is to post quality content. While that may be hard to define, it is not hard to describe. So, since it applies here, following is our pledge to anyone that subscribes to our Facebook status updates:

The High Tech Handyman [henceforth “we”] is responsible only for posts made by the company and its named representatives. Posts and/or comments by others are the views and opinions only of the person named as making said post. We will to the best of our ability confirm accuracy of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and site code. All linked content will be checked for authenticity before sharing. We will post no more than two (2) status updates per day, and share no more than two (2) links – for a total of four (4) posts per day, maximum. We will not post the same thing more than once per week.

You should not have to interpret something on our wall. It will be in plain English, no cursing, no slang. It will be concise – to the point. Substance, not fluff. We at The High Tech Handyman hate social media spam more than most other kinds. Why? Because junk in your Facebook news feed is coming from people you know, or companies & entities you thought you could trust. So you won’t see us spreading rumors about politics / war / religion / abortion / drugs / etc. All of our posts are fact checked via multiple reputable news sources as well as common sense. No games, no cute animal videos, no girlie pictures, no causes, petitions, and so on. Did we miss anything?